Project n. 2021-1-IT01-KA220-VET-000033303

Our Partners

An overview of our partners and description of their manifesto. 


The Italian Laboratory of Multifamily Psychoanalysis (LIPsiM) is the first association born in Italy to promote the development of Multifamily Psychoanalysis in the different contexts of care and in the different territorial realities; founded in Rome in 2012, it works to increase knowledge, encourage development, research and exchange with other disciplines for the well-being of individuals, families and care teams.

It has a network of over 50 multi-family groups spread throughout the country and regularly contributes to the activities of the international board. It offers monthly continuous training seminars and since 2016 it has activated two-year Masters in Multifamily Psychoanalysis

Address: Via degli Scipioni 295, Roma



Project staff:
Andrea Narracci (Coordinator);
Daniela Catania;
Fiorella Ceppi;
Alessandra Felice;
Claudia Tardugno; 

UPC leuven

The University Psychiatric Center KU Leuven provides care to more than 600 patients with psychiatric problems, and is active through the mobile teams and through the various projects affiliated with the hospital. More than 1200 staff members are working on three campuses, in Kortenberg, Leuven (Gasthuisberg) and Diest.

It is UPC’s ambition to offer effective, expert and restorative care tailored to the individual needs of the patient. This implies working closely with the entire context, both family and ambulatory care partners.

Address: Herestraat 49, 3000 Leuven
Phone: 016 34 80 00

Project staff:
Saskia Verbesselt (Coordinator);
Martine Lambrechts;


The AIDFM/Association for Research and Development of the Faculty of Medicine is a public benefit association that promotes biomedical research at the Medical School of the University of Lisbon (FMUL), Portugal.

AIDFM offers a broad portfolio of high-quality services, ensuring compliance with national and international regulations and contributing to transparency and operational excellence of research activities. AIDFM holds projects in a wide range of crosscutting themes and carries out various supportive actions, at both national and international levels.

Address: Av. Prof.Egas Moniz piso, 01 Lisboa



Project staff:
Paula Godinho (Coordinator);
Maria Joao Centeno;
Teresa Fialho;
Filipa Novais (Can count on the collaboration of the Professor Diego Telles Correia);


The Association for Psychoanalytic Couple Psychotherapy, Family and Multifamily Group (APyF), is a professional entity non-profit, registered in the National Registry of Associations, of the Ministry of the Interior of Spain, with the No. National 616272, in September 2019.

Its purpose is study, practice and research relationships between couples, families and multi-family groups, from the perspectives of J. García Badaracco (psychoanalysis multifamily), by E. Pichon Rivièrey R. Kaës (bonding psychoanalysis) and by W. Bion and S. Fulkes (group analysis).

Also among its purposes are to offer clinical assistance, advice to institutions, interventions social-community prevention and teaching and training.

The APyF participates in the Project “Multifamiliar Groups in Mental Health” (FA.M.HE) (CEE Project No.: 2021-1-IT01- KA220-VET-000033303) sponsored by the EEC (Erasmus+) and directed by the Italian Laboratory of Multifamily Psychoanalysis (LIPsiM).

Address: Rodriguez Arias 23 Bilbao
Project Staff:
Norberto Mascarò (Coordinator);
Josè Fernandez;
Monica Landolfi;
Claudio Maruottolo;
Andrés Mascarò;
Javier Jimenez;


Asl Roma 1, through the Department of Mental Health (DSM) manages all the structures and services for mental health within its territory. The DSM ASL RM/1 provides preventive, curative, rehabilitative and social responses through its own structures spread over an area that covers more than 40% of the area of the Municipality of Rome with about 1,000,000 inhabitants.

Address: Via Palestro, 39 Roma



Project staff:
Alessandro Antonucci (Coordinator);
Filippo Maria Moscati;
Federico Russo;

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