Project n. 2021-1-IT01-KA220-VET-000033303

Project n. 2021-1-IT01-KA220-VET-000033303  

There is a widespread lack of research and information on Multifamily Groups (MFG) in mental health, by users and by institutions (stakeholders and policy makers).

There is also a lack of common training curricula on the organization and management of MFG meetings by leaders and facilitators, in particular of MFGs which are started on the basis of the theories of the Argentine psychoanalyst García Badaracco and which are spreading in Italy, Spain, Portugal and, recently, also in Belgium.

The need for a sharing of tools and methodologies between partners working in the field of multifamily psychoanalysis in four different countries led to the elaboration of the research-intervention project: “MULTIFAMILY GROUPS IN MENTAL HEALTH”.

our Mission


Increase awareness of MFGs in the mental health field

(of all types, but only those that require the presence of the patient) and disseminate the information obtained through specific research on the types of models existing in the various territories and at an international level;


Improve the operating methods adopted in the MFG meetings

organized according to the theory of García Badaracco, through the definition of standards for the organization and management of groups;


Strengthen the role and figure of the leader and facilitator of the MFG

in the labor market and in the mental health sector, through the design of a European training curriculum based on its basic skills and competences, starting from the experiences of the partners;


Strengthen local communities for the development of new MFG

managed by conductors trained by a European curriculum, providing information, methodology and tools;


Strengthen the Community of Practice among key practitioners of MFGs

in mental health, through the organization of permanent sharing of know-how, training courses, all documents offered as Open educational resources (OER).

Final results